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At LifeBoard, we are extremely proud of our unique culture and values. We take the first step in welcoming on-boarding talent with a nickname; that's our jovial side of working. We believe that the ultimate performance comes from a happy mind and hence we ensure our team stays happy, charged up and enjoys working in a fun-filled environment. We have the best of resources who churn out superior solutions & high quality products for all our global clients.

We know life has its ups and downs and we always take pride in going the extra mile to ensure we bring smiles on to the faces here. Starting from cheer up activities, outdoor team building activity or a day off work, we truly believe in employing the "human" side of HR. We add enthusiasm and fun to our workplace to cut boredom and ensure that our work lives are always brimming with possibilities. We believe that we are not a group of different people brought together to work on projects but a family working in unison to achieve a shared vision.