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SkillFone is committed to giving learners a different experience with ensured results. Whether they wish to start learning English to help them at work, or just acquire basic spoken English skills, we have the right course content offered via an easy mobile app.

A multitude of blue-collar workers in India today aspire to do rise in their profession but feel restricted by their poor skills in English conversation. In a country that’s competing on a global level, and is a frequented international destination, workers at all levels in the travel, logistics and hospitality industries require basic English speaking skills.

SkillFone is a spoken English non-intensive learning platform ideal for anyone seeking to improve their language skills for personal and/or professional reasons. We have crafted SkillFone that uses several Indian regional languages to teach conversational English at varying levels. SkillFone offers a self-assessment online to assist the learner in selecting the appropriate level, and switch between levels until the learner is confident.

How can SkillFone help you?

SkillFone is your ultimate skilling destination to learn conversational English through your most common spoken language, be it Kannada, Telugu, Tamil or Hindi. Learning Engish is now not only simple, but independent of time.

SkillFone stands out from the traditional skill development

Learning on the move

Works on even 2G internet speeds

Learning at the comfort of home

Talk to SkillFone and it communicates back - The most advanced way to learn

Whom does SkillFone cater to?

SkillFone is ideal for organizations that want to empower their blue-collar workforce by teaching them basic conversational skills in English. It allows a blue-collar worker from any industry – hotel, logistics, transport etc - to learn English for better career prospects. The only investment required by the learner is an Internet-enabled phone and the lightweight SkillFone app to learn English at a learner-defined pace without affecting regular work.

SkillFone can help you achieve

  • Individualised attention - Helping every child to learn as per their unique learning style
  • Inspiring classroom sessions - Understanding takes place through the integration of the multi-faceted experience which builds long-term memory
  • Balance of freedom and logic limits - Helping every child become self-reliant, motivated and ability to learn the way he/she loves. Study material is presented and setup in a way that helps the child to see cause and effect