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ConfluLearn has been built to match LifeBoard’s commitment to deliver education by providing outstanding instruction, curriculum, flexibility, and the latest in educational technology.

ConfluLearn equips teachers with technology that will transform mundane curriculum and content, and make the delivery of education more powerful. Supported by the agility offered by innovative educational technology that provides masterfully designed content, teachers can spend more quality time on teaching.

ConfluLearn makes K12 learning more exciting through games, tools and videos. Teachers gain access to innovative material that allows creative teaching of basic concepts and promotes out-of-the-box thinking in students. ConfluLearn can be easily deployed in classrooms to teach students their regular syllabus in a more collaborative environment. Our panel of K12 education experts ensures that the content stays relevant, while our tech experts maintain an easy to use platform.

Our unique learning philosophy

  • Individualised attention - Helping every child to learn as per their unique learning style
  • Inspiring classroom sessions - Understanding takes place through the integration of the multi-faceted experience which builds long-term memory
  • Balance of freedom and logic limits - Helping every child become self-reliant, motivated and ability to learn the way he/she loves. Study material is presented and setup in a way that helps the child to see cause and effect

We make your child an independent & divergent thinker

We build an environment around your child that offers a variety of experiences, like multi-sensorial, multi-faceted and multi-discipline.

We believe that every child has the potential to excel and we help fuel his dreams to achieve success. ConfluLearn can make your child an independent and a divergent thinker.

Empower your kids to learn and retain better through

The best K12 resources present online

Virtual Reality and content crafted in 3D videos

The most engaging classroom sessions ever

Imbibing a quest for learning