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LifeBoard aims to be a globally recognized learning destination, fulfilling lifelong learning needs


To help billions of learners achieve mastery using the best innovation, technology and wisdom

The purpose of learning lies at the confluence of two main functions of education, i.e. to transmit the culture, values and lessons of the past, and to prepare the learner for the future. This thought was the key ingredient in the elemental mix from which LifeBoard emerged.

The idea for an educational platform like LifeBoard came up unexpectedly. While traveling by a city cab service, Ravindra, the founder, was conversing with the driver who was eager to talk in English but could only manage a few sentences. The willingness to learn the language and use it fluently was apparent, but the need to earn a living took precedence. What this guy needed was something that allowed him to learn while he was ferrying people across the city, thought Ravindra. If he cannot afford to sit in a classroom to learn, let the learning be with him on the move.

Thus, Lifeboard came into existence as a light weight and simple mlearning platform with exceptional content that makes learning fun and engaging. While the initial idea was taking its form to reality, Ravindra thought about expanding Lifeboard as a gateway that sourced relevant and high quality content to make education affordable and available in the palm of learners. LifeBoard offers two learning solutions – SkillFone and ConfluLearn.


ConfluLearn makes K12 learning more exciting and collaborative through games, tools and videos. Teachers gain access to innovative material that allows creative teaching of basic concepts and promotes out-of-the-box thinking in students, by sourcing high quality video content and material from open learning sources. Our panel of K12 education experts ensures that the content stays relevant, while our tech experts maintain an easy to use platform is easy to use.

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SkillFone allows any individual to learn conversational English for better career prospects. He could be a cabbie or a worker at any level in a hotel, a factory, a shop assistant, or a courier delivery person. All he needs is an Internet-enabled phone and SkillFone app to learn English at his pace without affecting his work and without having to worry about how he could also speak in English fluently with peers.

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LifeBoard started in early 2016 and evolved rapidly by comprehending and incorporating what learners and teachers need. We have won couple of awards such as the 2016 World Education Award, Dubai for paving the path for multilingual skilling over mobile devices. SkillFone was also nominated by the ET Telecom Awards 2016.